Specializing in Individual Adults, Couples, and Other Dyads


“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
– Brene Brown

Experienced therapist in northern New Jersey for individual adults, couples, and other dyads such as parents and adult children, siblings, and friends

People do their best to cope with life’s ups and downs, but sometimes lack the skills and experience to navigate tough situations or challenging relationships. This can be quite painful. It’s also an opportunity for growth and change.

Individual Therapy

Gain clarity on what is bothering you so you can start to feel better and create positive change.

Couples Therapy

Identify destructive patterns, break through defensiveness and hopelessness, and create a more mutually engaged and responsive dynamic.

Divorce Uncertainty

If you are not sure about the marriage and whether couples therapy is worth the effort and expense, Discernment Counseling can help you figure out next steps.

Friendship Therapy

Getting stuck in conflict with a close friend can be incredibly painful. Explore your dynamics to reach a deeper understanding of each other’s attachment style and relationship needs.

Meet Teal

Teal Paynter, LCSW, SOMA Counseling LLC, serviing Northern NJ and the SOMA area

I’m Teal Paynter, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My clients are facing a range of circumstances, including depression, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, trauma, loss and grief, chronic illness, and relationship struggles.

I recognize and respect the courage that it takes to start therapy. At SOMA Counseling, you will find a non-judgmental, compassionate, and collaborative environment.

Your therapy is tailored to achieve the goals you establish, incorporating your personal strengths and using scientifically-proven therapeutic models. You don’t need to know your diagnosis or treatment goals to begin, as that is part of our initial work together.

All you need to know is that you want to start feeling better.

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Drawing on the wisdom of multiple evidence-based models, this framework recognizes the complexity of the human experience and provides a holistic method for tailoring therapy to each individual’s needs.

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Authentic, open, collaborative, and genuine, this person-centered approach is built on the idea that each one of us has the capacity and desire for personal growth and change.

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How does the past show up in the present? We will explore major life events, past and current relationships, and unconscious contradictory feelings so you can gain insight into how they relate to your current distress.

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We will identify patterns of interactions and explore dynamics of your present and past relationships. Through building a strong therapeutic relationship, you will gain a new model for healthier and more sustainable relationships.

Get Started

To get started, send me an email using the secure HIPAA compliant form here, or give me a call at 973-323-9820, and we will set up a free 20-minute consultation over Zoom or by phone. That gives you the chance to ask me any questions about my practice, the process, or anything else. If you decide you want to proceed, we will set up your first session.

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