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Clinical Supervision

As a NASW Certified Clinical Supervisor, I provide individual supervision for Licensed Social Workers (LSW) and Licensed Associate Counselors (LAC) in need of clinical supervision hours for Board licensure in New Jersey.

My supervisory style is accessible, engaged, and responsive. I strive to bring an openness and vulnerability – the spirit of an “open door policy” – that is pivotal to creating safety and trust in the supervisor-supervisee relationship. In the blog [opens new tab], Danna Bodenheimer, author of Real World Clinical Social Work: Find Your Voice and Find Your Way, summarizes the key components of high quality, authentic supervision.

With work experience in a variety of settings, including a community agency and a hospital cancer center, I know first-hand the pressures faced by social workers. I see my job as cultivating emotional safety so you can be open and curious as you develop conceptual and practical competencies and address anything that might be blocking you to fully engage with and empower your clients.

If you are interested in learning more about supervision with me, send me an email to

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