Friendship Therapy

“One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about.”
– Mindy Kaling

There’s nothing like the bond of a good friendship – that mutual intimacy and reciprocal support through life’s ups and downs. Friends are literally the family we chose. That’s why it can be so painful when friends drift apart or get stuck in conflict. 

Friendship therapy can help. A relatively new concept, friendship therapy is for friends who are willing to work on the relationship but lack the tools to do so on their own. Deciding to go to friendship therapy doesn’t mean your friendship is broken, but rather that you both value each  other and the relationship enough that you want to work on it. 

Maybe something happened, some kind of “relationship rupture”, or you’re both feeling generally misunderstood, or you have gotten stuck in a negative cycle. I will gather your relationship history as well as your personal histories, discern your attachment styles, and ask about how you each approach conflict. Does one of you tend to want to talk things through, while the other wants to keep the peace? We will examine the overarching dynamic that’s driving your disconnection and work to increase mutual understanding and empathy. 

It’s not just that strong friendships feel life-giving – they actually are life-giving. Studies show that adults with strong friendships have a reduced risk of health problems, from depression to high blood pressure, and are likely to live longer. 

If you are not sure whether friendship therapy is right for you, reach out and schedule a free 20-minute consultation. 

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